Hiring a car is a fantastic way to make the most of a holiday whether its a romantic trip away with a loved one or you are bringing the whole family. It can really be a holiday essential for many people who have become use to the freedom a rental car offers. Cheap deals are always available as long as you obey a golden rule: BOOK EARLY!

Car hire comparison sites are certainly the best way to go if you want to save as much spending money as you can for the fun things on holiday such as eating out at great restaurants, shopping and of course seeing as many of the local attractions as possible.

The way these comparison sites work is quite simple. Just put in your pickup and collections points, dates and currency and hit that search button. In just a few moments you will see offers coming up from all the car hire comparison firms situated at your point of arrival. Just last month I booked a car rental Dublin Airport deal and had everything sorted in just a few minutes. Everything you need to know about what is being offered will be laid out clearly so making a choice is usually not that difficult. You could also limit your search by type if you know for instance that you simply must have an automatic car.

Its never a decision which should be rushed especially if you have a few people who will be traveling in the rental car with you. Take you time and think about what each offer can provide for you. Comfort will be an important thing to consider if long drives are involved. The last thing you want is people arguing back and forth making what should be a pleasant experience into a real pain in the…

Car hire also an ideal solution for a business trip should your regular mode of transport be out of action. You wont have to risk public transport and possible delays as long as you have your own mode of transport. These kinds of trips can be stressful enough without having to run for a bus or flag a taxi. So start getting organised now, the sooner you get the essentials sorted, the quicker you can start planning the fun stuff.