Sunshine la la la la, cant get enough of it? me neither. Spain is generally a popular choice for us Europeans and Murcia Airport is as good an entry point as any. If you do plan on visiting Murcia then get those cheap flights and hotels booked but don’t forget to arrange a deal too. The sooner the better, just the same as all the other holiday essentials, the price keeps going up the longer you leave it.

A couple of years ago I booked the wrong dates by mistake when buying my plane tickets. It was kind of a girls holiday away so I missed catching up with everyone because of my own carelessness. I also had to buy new plane tickets there and then which ending up costing me three times what I originally paid which was quite painful to say the least. This severely limited what I could spend when I got there which kinda soured the whole holiday for me.

If you are going on holiday to Murcia then make sure you are fully organised.

Flights – Check
Passport – Check
Car Hire – Check

Compare car hire Murica rates using an aggregator or price comparison website as they are also known. This is the sensible thing to do and WILL save you money. Arriving at the car hire desk with nothing booked is a bad idea for a few reasons

there might not be any cars available
you will pay a lot more
you will be waiting around a lot longer

Enjoy your trip…

Looks good to me anyway