When buying car stereo, one that has acquired at least 10 amp fuse (red) or more, CD, auxiliary output to connect an amplifier for the subwoofer or front auxiliary input for connecting an iPod or MP3 memory.

Wire colors for installing car stereo

Which must be connected to each color of the wires when installing car stereo?

Yellow .- 12 volt constant. Connect to the fuse box where there is always voltage off the car yet. Tip: If turning off the vehicle are lost “memories” of the stereo, the yellow wire was wrongly connected. Turning off the switch of the vehicle should continue to receive the cable voltage.

Dark blue .- Should have power antenna, this cable is responsible for the antenna when you turn up the stereo and down when you turn it off. Make sure it is connected to the power antenna.

Dark blue with white .- This cable is responsible for turning on and off the amplifier. Connect to the “remote” amplifier (if equipped with an amplifier). Tip: Sometimes when putting a CD off the amplifier. This indicates that connected the amplifier remote wire to the blue wire with no line, if you pass this verifies that blue wire is connected to the line.

Orange .- This cable handles stereo fade the lighting at night when the lights of the car and connected to a wire that has voltage to turn on the lights. Failure to connect, nothing happens, only the stereo lights with the same intensity in the day or at night.

What amp to buy?

Buy an amplifier that is stable to 2 ohms, if you’re going to use for purchasing a subwoofer preferably stable at 1 ohm.

Find a suitable place to install the amplifier.

The amplifiers are heated, so it must stay in a place where they can break away from the heat they generate.

Do not cover or install it where it will be locked as this does not allow to detach from the heat generated and eventually damage it.

Neither install the baffle of the subwoofer and the vibration ultimately damage the amplifier.