Ireland has a hell of a lot to offer as a tourist destination. Its a country which is incredibly rich in history meaning a wealth of historical sites are available to visit. It also offers a vibrant city life in locations such as Dublin, Cork, Galway and Limerick. I often get asked by people as to what is the best way of getting around. Its true that Ireland is a lot smaller than where most people will be arriving from but this does not make it necessarily an easy to place to get about.

Public transport is quite good within a city like Dublin and getting anywhere to and from Dublin is simple but its when you try get from other smaller places to different sights you want to see that you will run into problems. I always recommend car rental as an excellent idea as it offers a cheap and easy way of getting around. Its really not expensive at all provided you book a bit ahead of time.

The freedom a rental car offers is really something to be treasured when you are visiting Ireland. Its makes a holiday so much more enjoyable to just be able to hop into the car and hit the road.